THE Messers

aka ‘House of MÂCHÉ’



GINAVA is the head of this family of misfits and the founder of Gendermess Productions. The original Shapeshifter, this monster is one not to be afraid of. Their twisted take on the art of miming, clowning and alternative theatre gives this morphing monster a unique flare.

Queen of The Court - Winner (2011)
WOW presents Transformations with James St. James (2014)
Clash of The Queens with Michelle Visage - Winner (2016)
International Cabaret Royalty Pageant - Winner (2018)
Queer Expo Drag Competition - Top 5 (2018)

INSTAgram - @gendermess



The prettiest clown in town, DONNA KEBAB is the perfect 2am snack to tickle your taste buds and your funny bone. This colourful, campy queen is powered by you laughter and wants nothing more than to to make you feel happy.  

But, DONNA has more then silly gags and cheap laughs up her bell sleeves, she knows how to get down and filthy!

Pop Princess - Runner Up (2015)
Queen of The Court - Winner (2017)
Proud Awards Sisterhood Award (2018)




Bloodied, bruised and beautiful, PERRI OXIDE is and acid burn you don’t ever want to heal. She’s dramatic, sexy and gothic with a drop of crippling narcissism, all stirred together in a big bucket of bleach. This gloomy girl is sure to make you feel anything but dull and we’re certain that she’ll be the bleach blonde bitch you won't forget!

Mr WAAPA (2015)
Queen of The Court - Winner (2015)
Clash of The Queens with Michelle Visage - Runner Up (2016)
Pop Princess - Runner Up (2016)
International Cabaret Royalty Pageant - Runner Up (2018)



skye Scraper

Towering at a daunting 7ft, SKYE SCRAPER is a mega-tall woman of business, who doesn’t want romance without finance. Her style is structurally sound with some of the finest architecture and has a sufficient expertise when is comes to load-baring. 

Pop Princess Miss Congeniality (2017)

instagram - @skye_scraper_