Mess Hall

Big Top @ The Pleasure Garden
15th Feb & 16th Feb

60 Mins

18 +

Content Warning:
Frequent Course Language
Sexual References
Drug Use

Director - Blake Anderson

Host - Donna Kebab

main cast - Ginava
Skye scraper
Perri Oxide
Sassie Cassie

Supporting LineUp - tBA

Photo: Jason Matz

Photo: Jason Matz


Feeling a bit peckish?

What are you hungry for?

Come to the Mess Hall - our dirty midnight show -
for all your gender bending appetites.

We're sure you'll find something to fill you up
in this club night of surreal & avant garde drag talent.

getting back to its roots of where gendermess started with its first fringe world show “mâché- a drag performance showcase” back in 2016, we are proud to showcase a brand new batch of drag talents that are the current talk of the perth drag scene.

with you delicious host, donna kebab!